Swimming lakes & natural pools

Summer, sun and carefree bathing pleasure... If you are looking for a refreshing cooling on warm summer days in Hesse, you have plenty of opportunities to dive. In addition to plentiful outdoor pools, the Spessart also offers idyllic swimming lakes and charming nature adventure pools. For young and old, water fun is guaranteed in a natural environment. Swimming lakes and natural swimming pools invite you to swim without chemicals. The natural water is pleasant in smell, feels soft and does not irritate the conjunctiva and mucous membranes. Therefore they are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, people with sensitive skin or for people who want to do without chemistry while bathing.
The nature swimming pools are solely cleaned by aquatic plants, which are planted in a separate area of the basin. In natural pools, mineral soil filters are used instead of chemistry. The water temperature in natural swimming pools does not exceed the maximum temperature of 24 °C – so it is a perfectly refreshment for summerly weather.




Bärensee in Bruchköbel

Public bathing beach Spessartblick in Großkrotzenburg

Public bathing beach Kinzigsee in Langenselbold

Nature adventure pool in Bad Orb

Nature adventure pool in Altengronau