Philippsruhe Palace

The impressive baroque palace was built in 1725 in Hanau Kesselstadt on behalf of the Hanau Count Philipp Reinhard. Its present appearance can be traced back to conversions during the founding time.  The premises now house the Historical Museum. The surrounding landscape park was originally designed as a baroque garden, but was renovated in the English style in the 19th century. The popular Brothers Grimm Festival takes place every year at the edge of the park in a newly designed amphitheatre. A highlight of the castle is the so called white hall. In the first years of the 18th century these rooms were used to house the cold-sensitive orange and lemon trees. Today the white hall offers sufficient space to host an opulent banquet at major celebrations such as weddings, birthdays or anniversaries, to function as a ballroom or to provide a dignified setting for meetings.

Philippsruhe Palace


Philippsruher Allee 45

63454 Hanau

Tel: 06181 / 295-1799