House of Brothers Grimm

The Grimm brothers were born in Hanau in 1785 and 1786 and came to Steinau with their parents and three other brothers in 1791. The imposing Renaissance building, built in 1562 as an office building, was the domicile of the Grimm family from 1791 to 1796, as the father was active as a bailiff. The Grimm siblings spent their childhood and youth on the ground floor of the building before their father's death forced them to move to Kassel to live with their aunt. On the first floor of the building a museum has been established, which exists since 1998: the Brothers Grimm House Steinau, which deals with the life, work and impact of the Brothers Grimm in its exhibitions. Of course the focus is on childhood and youth in the region and a special cabinet is dedicated to the graphic works of Ludwig Emil Grimm, the painter, but the entire upper floor presents the fairytale in its European context.
The Brothers Grimm House and the town of Steinau are characterised by a special atmosphere full of history. The Museum Steinau is located directly opposite the Brothers Grimm House.

House of the Brother´s Grimm

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